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  You can't really see him but I have this parakeet named Mr.Bird. My friend Ari gave me this bird and cage. She bought it so her bird would have a friend but it was too mean. It would bite and fight with the other parakeet and she had to give him away. We like Mr.Bird a lot. This lady trimmed Mr. Birds wings so he couldn't fly off. Now when I take him out of the cage he flaps his wings and then hits the floor with a thump. But it doesn't hurt him because he is so strong. If you put your finger in the cage he will bite it hard. 

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About Mr. Bird

When we got Mr. Bird his cage was empty. No Stuff. He didn't have anything to play with. So we started buying him toys, a mirror and ladder and bells and fishing bobbers and rubber bands and paper clips. We cut limbs with leaves and put them in Mr. Bird's cage too. He likes his home now and chirps and chirps all day long. He uses his bill and feet to climb around and sometimes hangs upside down. Mr. Bird can't talk but he will stand on your finger if you put it in the cage. I like Mr. Bird a lot.  I wonder what Mr. Bird likes?

Cole and Julie and Mr. Bird

Julie and Cole

Mr. Bird On Head

Mr. Bird on Hand

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