RN2BSN Program Outcomes

NCLEX Completion Rates

This data does not apply as students who are accepted into the program have passed the NCLEX.

Completion Rates

Goal 1: 85% of the students, who are still enrolled 2 weeks after the first NURS class, will complete the required nursing courses within 5 semesters, including summers (150% of on-time).

Goal 2: 85% of the students will graduate within 11 semesters, including summers, from the date of completion of the NURS courses (150% of on-time at a part time rate of 6 credit hours per semester, calculated for the working adult).

Cohort Year/ Semester Number of students started the program Number of students who completed in 5 semesters or less RN Program Completion Rate Number of students who graduated in 11 semesters or less (including summer) Graduation Rate
12 2014/Spring 12 12 100% 9 75%
13 2014/Fall 25 19 76% 14 56% **
14 2015/Spring 15 13 87% 9 60%**
15 2015/Fall 28 24 85.7% 14 50%**
16 2016/Spring 24 21 87.5% 15 62.5%**
17 2016/Fall 39 Pending Pending Pending Pending

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名** Data incomplete as of July 2017, semesters remain in overall calculation

Job Placement Rates

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名Goal: Greater than 80% of the students are working full time 6-12 months after completing the RN-to-BSN coursework.

Cohort Year/ Semester Number of students who completed in 5 semesters or less Students employed as 6 months after completing the RN-to-BSN coursework Employment rate
15 2015/Fall 24 24 100%
16 2016/Spring 21 21 100%
17 2016/Fall Pending Pending Pending

Prior to the above referenced time frame, as this is an RN-to-BSN program and the vast majority of the students came to the program as a working RN, the program collected data on employment in rural areas. Results of that data are available upon request.