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    RSU’s Department of Psychology and Sociology Names Internship Partner of the Year Award Recipient

Dr. Abe Marrero
Dr. Abe Marrero
Department Head and Professor

“Our mission has always been ‘people first.’ We’re committed to making sure that students not only obtain a degree, but the best degree possible. Our goal is to always ask what is best for the student and to prepare each student for success.” More About Dr. Marrero

About the Department

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名The Department of Psychology and Sociology offers a variety of degrees that prepare students to work or further their study in fields such as therapeutic services, health and medical services, human resources, and social services.

Why Choose Psychology and Sociology at RSU?

Psychology and sociology studies help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Graduates go on to work in fields that address both the individual and societal factors that impact community wellness.

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名Students have the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree in community counseling or in social science. The social science degree allows students to specialize in psychology, sociology or environmental studies.

RSU has partnered with Cameron University to allow RSU students to transition from RSU’s Associate in Arts in Elementary Education to Cameron’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education without changing campuses.

Fast Facts

  • Students have access to the Behavioral Sciences Lab, which includes equipment and training for measuring physical responses to behavioral stimuli.
  • Capstone students have the opportunity to conduct graduate-level research and present their findings at professional conferences in the region.
  • Mental Wealth Day, an annual event to promote personal and community wellness, is organized each year by the department’s Psi Chi and the Social Justice League student organizations. The event is the largest student-led event held on campus.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in a live archaeological excavation during the summer. Findings are analyzed and catalogued throughout the year.
  • Cameron University students at RSU have access to internships in area elementary school classrooms.


Dr. Kevin WollerDr. Kevin Woller

“Our small class sizes allow students to be immersed in the rich variety that comes with courses focused on the individual, groups, and social situations. Faculty have a broad range of expertise and interests that help to personalize the classroom experience, as well as affording various real-world opportunities. Our award winning student organizations are among the oldest at RSU, further broadening student opportunities for professional growth and service to the academy and the community. Our graduates report that they are well-prepared for the workforce or graduate school, which is supported by the fact that so many have a job or a graduate placement immediately after graduation.” More About Dr. Woller

Drue DayDrue Day
Bachelor of Science in Social Science: Psychology

“The department offers a lot of opportunities, like Mental Wealth Day, that help students see what is possible for their future. As students we conduct our own research and can present it at national conferences, which is a huge opportunity. Whenever I need help, want to talk about a theory or principle, or just need to talk, my professors are always there. They have gone above and beyond to assist not only in my success as a student, but also in my overall development as an individual. They’re really my greatest allies and biggest support for succeeding. At RSU, I feel like I’ve found a program that I am comfortable with and excel at.”