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Dr. Kenneth Hicks
Dr. Kenneth Hicks
Department Head and Professor

“Students interested in history and political science have a wide variety of aspirations, but they share a common desire to work in fields that help their communities and their fellow citizens. We help them pursue those goals with degrees in public affairs, education, and history.”
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About the Department

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名The Department of History and Political Science offers students discipline-specific degree programs as well as the  university’s general education program. The department teaches students to foster skills of creative thinking,  writing, research and oral communication while helping them develop values of scholarship, creativity, appreciation  of diversity and community service.

Why Choose History and Political Science at RSU?

RSU’s History and Political Science department offers several associate and baccalaureate degrees to traditional and nontraditional students with multiple opportunities for degree specialization.

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名An education in history and political science prepares students to pursue a variety of careers, including education, communication, archaeology, public administration, security/intelligence, research and political office.

2020欧洲杯预选赛排名The department provides students with opportunities for internships, which allow students to work in a public service agency, explore career options within their fields of study and integrate classroom learning with work-related experience.

Fast Facts

  • RSU was the first university in Oklahoma to offer a degree in Military History.
  • Among the History and Political Science faculty are published authors, noted historians, and award- winning educators.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs, with options in political science and public administration, prepares students to implement and oversee policies at all levels of city, county, state and national governments.
  • Graduates of the department have gone on to succeed as teachers, lawyers, and political campaign advisors throughout the region.
  • History and Political Science faculty conduct original research and present their work throughout the region.